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"Dr. Oshidar's RPD Seminar is one of a kind! Having been in dentistry for 35 years I have experienced a lifetime of continuing education classes; Pankey, Dawson, Misch, Spear, and countless others. Dr. Oshidar is one of the best lecturers in continuing dental education I have seen lately. His seminar is filled with a plethora of pearls to take back to your practice immediately. The seminar is an excellent blend of surgical technique related to implants, PRP, suturing etc... as well as a portion related to practice management. His expertise in Implant dentistry is extensive, his knowledge of practice management, and social media through the latest software is unparalleled. I give Dr Oshidar’s seminar my highest recommendation. He has helped me get to another level in Implant dentistry and given me a new sense of excitement for our wonderful profession of dentistry."
Kirk D. Huckel, DMD, FAGD

In my opinion Dr. Oshidar runs an exceptional implant training course for both experienced and novice dentists. On day #1 he hit all the high points regarding implant placement technique that are most important to clinical success and did it in an understandable and clear fashion. Day #2 was taken up with the business of Implant Dentistry covering ways to both get the cases and deliver them profitably. He moved quickly but his excellent notes and study guides made a fruitful review of the material possible. I think every dentist interested in learning more about implant dentistry will benefit from a weekend at Dr. Oshidar’s course.
Larry Brooks D.D.S.

"Course material was clearly delivered and would benefit any office if implemented."
Carla Penson
New Image Dental

"Great course and insights on how to build production and still maintain genuine care for patient. RIGHT THINGS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!"
Sheryl Razon
GPC Dental

"I attended the seminar this weekend and it truly is very different from any other course out there. Dr. Oshidar is a no nonsense practitioner with a very high level of both skill and chair side manner. He used his continuous learning and real life experiences to deliver an amazingly engaging course. This course will not only help you grow your practice with implant dentistry, but will have you excited to get back to your office and implement some of the great practice management ideas that he shares. I found his case selection chart and explanation exceptional for a operator who is thinking about taking on implant cases as a real tool for growth. There is an amazing hands on portion to this course where we used models and actually placed implants ourselves!! Overall this is the most practical and effective course I have attended and we can use a lot of the tools he shares immediately in the office/ business setting. Great course for anyone interested in growing there practice significantly, and placing or restoring implants. Thanks Dr. Oshidar great course!"
Kinnelon, NJ

"Great course for those general dentists looking to integrate implants into their practices. Dr. Oshidar keeps it simple, yet very informative. Excellent cases from which to learn, and the hands-on will leave you ready to place (or restore) your first implant.
I particularly found the practice management portion of the course to be eye-opening. I took away some great marketing ideas that will help a practice stand out "from the herd" and increase productivity.
Overall a great course from the perspective of a hands-on business owner/dentist."

-Dr. Rodriguez
Maywood, NJ

"My name is Dr. Joseph Lee. I am a young dentist from Virginia. I've known Dr. Oshidar for almost a year now. When it comes to real-life, practical implant dentistry and practice management, he is a genius. He combined his years and years of continuing education and experience into a simple, yet engaging seminar. I especially loved his innovative practice management style. It's like a dental business model I've always dreamed of. This seminar is not just about how to place implants, but really about how to place implant dentistry into your successful business."
-Dr.Joseph Lee

"Dr. Oshidar covers a lot of ground on how to grow your practice through
implant dentistry! From clinical technique to practice management I found
many practical takeaways suitable for most any surgical/restorative
practice. I enjoyed Dr O's high energy presentation and came away with
several pearls that I could use on Monday. Even an experienced operator can
enhance their skill and comfort level with this solid, practical course. I
highly recommend it."

-Joseph Tartagni D.M.D.
West Haven, CT

"Dr. Oshidar has an excellent grasp of his subject. He has an engaging style and enjoys interacting with the doctors. It is a great course as an introduction to implant surgery. You can see he has a passion for what he does."
-Joseph Caruso D.M.D

"Very concise, very honest. Clearly shows his experience and shows us the important things to look out for regarding implants"
Michael Lee D.M.D
Livingston Dental Arts, NJ