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Consulting – The Impact Difference


•    In Office Training
•    Implant Case Assistance: From Single Implants to Complex Cases
•    Assist Dr. Oshidar at his Office on One of his Surgeries
•    Dr. Oshidar Works with Dentists All Over the Country

For Whom: Only Doctors that value clinical excellence – this is NOT for Doctors who only value money.

Contracts: I remember when I first started my practice and was in desperate need of help. Every consultant out there wanted a six-month contract paid in full. Impact Consulting is month-to-month.  You pay as you go.

The Plan: I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to consulting. Because every office and doctor has different requirements, I create an individualized plan for everyone I work with and customize it to his or her needs. I also issue a manual of office systems to everyone I work with.

The true Impact Difference is that we teach doctors to be better business owners as well as better dentists. This leads to more successful doctors that can run their practices independently.

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“Working with you has been above and beyond the best process I have ever implemented for my business and my life. I respect you greatly Jamie, for your clinical skill set as a practitioner, your innovative, leadership ability, and your dedication to your family and yourself. I know that I have a long way to go, but for the first time I feel equipped and capable of making the transformation with your help.” - Anthony Zamarra, D.M.D.

“Thank you for your time and advice today. It was a very meaningful and rare opportunity to hear how I am being seen from the interviewer's point of view. Your advice were real and very practical. It truly opened up my eyes. It was also a great pleasure to see how implants were placed properly with excellent techniques and with a great outcome. I was also impressed how you were treating your patients and your staffs. It was wonderful to be in an office with full of smiles and laughter.” - Soolim Lee