6/22/2017 7:50:00 AM | Jamie Oshidar

Coming Soon! New for fall 2017, we will be offering a Five-Day Business Course for Dentists! Starting September 16th and running for five subsequent Saturdays, each weekend will a different topic.  Attend them all or just a few! 

Learn more – call us at 908-801-5117 or visit www.impactimplantseminars.com.

5/15/2017 12:22:00 PM | Jamie Oshidar

Dr. O’s Tip for Monday: Taking time every week to work ON your business
vs. IN your business is key!

3/15/2017 12:13:00 PM | Jamie Oshidar

Below is a note from one of Dr. Oshidar’s current clients:


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your effort. We began working together in mid-January 2017. In the short time you have been mentoring/consulting me, I have achieved the following:

•    Formulated a clear vision of the type of life and practice I want to establish and put it in writing in the form of a vision board with timelines and quantifiable goals
•    Learned  the basics of how to interpret Profit and loss statement
•    Become more aware of my personal and business accountability and put all of my debits on paper and calculated a quantifiable numerical value  
•    Constructed Initiated a retirement savings in the form of whole life policy
•    Designed a standardized protocol for hiring new employees and hired a new front desk person
•    Established a staff development timeline for my assistant. We meet 1-2 Fridays per month and I train her on topics she is interested in learning more about. She has also enrolled in program to attain her CDA license.
•    Implemented staff meeting
•    Set aside time on Tuesday mornings to work on my practice ….
•    Ordered a chair dental unit and nitrous oxide system to set up a fourth operatory (This should be completed by April 2017.)
•    Initiated updating my website
•    I have and continue to  read books you suggest

Working with you has been above and beyond the best process I have ever implemented for my business and my life.

I respect you greatly Jamie, for your clinical skill set as a practitioner, your innovative, leadership ability, and your dedication to your family and yourself.

I know that I have a long way to go, but for the first time I feel equipped and capable of making the transformation with your help.

Thank You,
Anthony Zamarra D.M.D.

Dr. Oshidar works with doctors across the country to teach them how to be better business owners as well as better dentists. He does not believe in a cookie cutter approach to consulting. Because every office and doctor has different requirements, he creates an individualized plan for everyone he works with and customizes it to his or her needs. Learn more on our Website or call us at 908-801-5117.

2/28/2017 10:33:00 AM | Jamie Oshidar

Dear Dr. Oshidar,

Thank you for your time and advice today. It was a very meaningful and rare opportunity to hear how I am being seen from the interviewer's point of view. Your advice were real and very practical. It truly opened up my eyes.

It was also a great pleasure to see how implants were placed properly with excellent techniques and with a great outcome. I was also impressed how you were treating your patients and your staffs. It was wonderful to be in an office with full of smiles and laughter.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to meet me. I really enjoyed talking with you and I will look forward to seeing you soon.

Soolim Lee

The other day this young dentist came to the office seeking my advice on some practice issues he was having. I suggested a few simple but effective strategies and it was as if a light bulb went on in his head.

 It turns out that my next patient was an implant surgery and this doctor wanted to learn more about implants, so I invited him to stay and watch the surgery. He was so impressed on how smooth the surgery went and was eager to learn more so he signed up for our upcoming One Day Implant Course for the GP on March 25th.

There is nothing better or more rewarding to me than helping out a young honest doctor who is eager to grow professionally.

Seats for the course are filling fast so don't miss out on the best implant seminar for the GP this year! Call us today at 908-801-5117 or visit www.impactimplantseminars.com.

1/9/2017 11:52:00 AM | Jamie Oshidar

The other day a patient walked into the office with a Locator overdenture on the maxilla. She had seven implants placed of which three weren’t able to be used and four were with locators. The denture had no underlying metal to reinforce it for strength and it rocked when she chewed. Worst of all: she was charged $35,000 between the surgeon and the restorative doctor.

Has this type of scenario ever presented itself in your office? What went wrong? What do you do? Can you fix it? These are all questions we should ask ourselves when dealing with this type of scenario.

Most of us want to do right by our patients but never really had real PRACTICAL training for implant dentistry.

If you are looking to implement implants immediately and learn exactly how to create systems in your office to support your practice’s growth please contact us today at 908-801-5117 or visit us online to learn more.

11/11/2016 12:20:00 PM | Jamie Oshidar

The other day an extremely valued employee cornered me in the office and said:
 “Doc, when you get a moment can I speak with you?” 

I remember when I used to hate these moments. It’s not like the employee wants to tell me she likes my tie or how wonderful of an implant I just placed. She clearly wants more money or has something going on that will cause her to temporarily or permanently leave the office. Either way it’s going to cause me to lose some of my income or get a temp replacement or find/train and deal with a new employee. None of which is appealing to me.

In this particular case it was about more money. Nowadays I look at these situations as potential opportunities rather than inconveniences. Here is my rule for giving a raise:  the employee has to present specific revenue driving reasons why a raise is warranted and must be willing to take on more responsibility. This employee’s reason for wanting a raise was she has been working for me for 1.5 years and when I first hired her I promised her extra money the day her training was over. She waited until now to ask because in her mind she is performing at the level an employee should perform at that has had proper training. So long story short she said can I have more money? I said “yes” I think you are certainly worth the extra money you are asking for but…

She is in charge of hygiene so I asked her how the recall program is going. She said she is really trying to do well with her recalls and she’s doing the best she can.

Is that good enough???  Hmmmmm…

I told her I need her to own the hygiene recall program. Of course she looked at me like I was crazy.

“What do you mean own the hygiene program?” 

I asked her “who owns this practice?”  

With zero doubt in her gaze she looked at me and said “you!”

“Do you think I take responsibility for everything in the office?”

Again she said undoubtedly “yes!”

“Yet do you see me doing every little thing in this office to make it run?”

“Of course not Doc. You delegate everything you can.”

I told her that’s what ownership is - taking accountability for something while delegating as much as possible to make sure it gets done.  

At Impact Implant Seminars we teach you more than implant implementation we teach proven practical management systems so that you can start developing the implant practice of your dreams. Call 908-801-5117 or visit us online to learn more!

10/20/2016 7:47:00 AM | Jamie Oshidar

When I first started my practice I thought the only way to grow the practice was through expensive external marketing campaigns, so I invested in a radio campaign. It cost me $3,600 per month and promised at least a five to one return on my investment. 

The campaign certainly made the phone ring which meant it was successful. However, I wasn’t getting the desired return on investment.  I slowly began to realize every other system in the office needs to be on point before it makes any sense to waste money on marketing.  

START with the phones! Every employee needs to know how to answer the phones. Another mistake I made was thinking that all I needed to do is incentivize my team with money in order for them to answer the phones properly. The truth is money is not the main motivator to getting people to do what you ask. 

Today, Roselle Park Dental gets an average of 115 new patients every month in a town saturated with dentists!

If this sounds familiar to your situation isn’t it worth it to learn exactly how to create the practice of your dreams? Join us next month at Impact Implants Seminar!  Call 908-801-5117 or visit our Website to learn more or register now

10/12/2016 12:30:00 PM | Jamie Oshidar

A frustrated doctor who recently attended my seminar asked me how I have the time to manage my business AND practice dentistry.

My answer is simple: I only practice the dentistry I WANT to, lead within the practice, and delegate everything else!

But it wasn’t always like this.  I can remember that first year of being in practice and my to-do list looked like this:
  • My employees would bombard me with trivial question after question 
  • Pay bills
  • Open mail
  • Call Lab
  • Call patients
  • Marketing review
  • Figure out A/R
  • Prophy in room 7
  • Filling in room 3
  • Etc …

I made the transformation and so can you! I am positive we can teach you how to delegate and free up the time to do the dentistry you want to do in just two days.

Our guarantee: Learn exactly how to implement implants and create a practice that will sustain growth for years to come or your money back!

Learn more about Impact Implants or give us a call at 908-801-5117 to register for our next seminar on November 11th & 12th.

9/19/2016 1:38:00 PM | Jamie Oshidar

When asking Dr. Sally Gerges of Middleton, NJ what she would say to other doctors thinking about taking the course she said: “Without hesitation – TAKE IT!”

Miguel Rodriguez from Watchung, NJ said: “Dr.Oshidar's engaging style of teaching is absolutely wonderful. Second to none.”

Dr. Anthony Zamarra from Watchung, NJ said “I have been through so many consulting programs with limited results. Thank you so much for bridging the gap between the practicing clinician and the business owner.”

Dr.Ingy Alhelawe from Ocean, NJ said: “The content in Day 2 alone is worth double what you charged.  Absolutely loved it!”

Don’t miss out again – register for our next seminar now: call us at 908-801-5117 or visit us online!

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Why choose Impact Implant Seminars?

  • Triple your big cases
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  • A complement and support to any other
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  • Attendees guaranteed to become a better Implantologists and business owners
  • Personal Education: 15 doctors/room max
  • Attendees walk out on fire with content to grow their practices continually
  • True and tested business model by a practicing expert in implant dentistry
  •  It's like receiving an MBA in Implantology in just two days

Doctors today face many challenges. Impact Implant Seminars are unique because we teach you how to make more money while working less. If you have learned clinical excellence from other but been told the only way to grow your practice is by hiring a consultant – this course is for you! Dr. Oshidar has put together an extremely easy- to-follow business model that combines clinical skills with business acumen. In an intimate setting, you will receive personalized instruction on how to build a successful business that will allow you to practice the dentistry you want. This seminar is so user-friendly that you will be able to start implementing what you have learned and get results the very next day!

2016 Course Dates:
September 9 & 10
November 11 & 12

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"Even an experienced operator can enhance their skill and comfort level with this solid, practical course. I highly recommend it." - Joseph Tartagni D.M.D.

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